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What They Say About Us

We make sure to give our clients and their pets the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. Check out what’s being said about us, and see why your pet should be training with us, too. 

Becoming a satisfied customer begins with a simple click.

Extremely patient with your pet, I’ve seen so much improvement in my dog since Luis started training him. I wouldn’t hire any other trainer.

Javier Medina

Luis is a very good dog trainer. If anybody has taken care of a Shar-Pei, they know that this breed is very stubborn. With Luis's training, our family has been able to live a lot better with scooby. Luis has taught us how to train with scooby and has also trained scooby to be better behaved. Luis has good customer service and is very nice with the owner. He teaches each owner how to train your dog. Suppose you have a problem with your dog pulling, bad behavior, and other stuff that you would like your dog to be better at. Luis is your guy for the job. I would 100% recommend it.

Christopher Jovel

Excellent service. We got an hour of training in and I am going back for additional dog training.

Miguel Hernandez

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